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Echo 2.jpg


JAN 2019 / Grey / Colt / EMH 17h +

Sire: Royal Oak II (IMP / EXP / DEC) 
Sheer Etiquette (DEC)
Breeder:  Patchwork Park

Registration: AWHA
Status: Growing Up / Stallion



The one and only Sheer Etiquette foal in existence, with no others in the pipeline... He is very special indeed, and still a colt.
Echo is such a dude. He is super easy to work with. Nothing is too hard, he never ge
ts worried or upset. Wait until you see his canter!! Absolutely mind-blowing! He is a direct descendant of two of Australia's top Grand Prix CDI parents. He is a modern type with plenty of height, though the damline consists of plenty of "old fashioned" blooded Holsteiners, so he'll likely fill out to be similar.

Echo's sire is Royal Oak II (IMP / EXP), the super talented Oldenburger (licensed Hanoverian) Grand Prix CDI Australian competitor, CDN National Grand Prix Champion. He was campaigned by Deon Stokes, his last CDI scored 70%,  prior to being exported in 2019 to Skyhi Horses in NZL. Sadly in 2021, Royal Oak II passed away due to a violent case of colic and Echo is the oldest entire son of Royal Oak II in Australia.


His dam is our very own Sheer Etiquette. She herself boasted a fruitful career at International Level with scores averaging 64-67% in GP CDI. She was the longest standing International Level Dressage horse in Australia for 6 and a half years. In 2022 she was still competing at Grand Prix at the ripe old age of 22, 10 years at this level, and retired only weeks before her untimely demise in 2022!

Echo is the only foal out of this mare with no more in the pipeline. He is one of only two entire sons of the FAX-TOO bloodline in Australia; the other is in his 20's.


In early 2021 Echo had undergone some basic prebreaking work (wearing of a saddle, bridle, lunging off the bit, long reining, traveling in the truck, etc. In May 2021 he attended a busy two day competition at Werribee Park. Obviously, considering his age, he was not ridden or worked but he absorbed the atmosphere like an absolute champion. He traveled two hours each way in the truck beside his mother, stayed in the stable and was a dream to handle including plait despite the cars, dogs, kids, horses and electric atmosphere. He is extremely well mannered and easy to handle and is well socialised with horses including mares.

In late 2021, he was fully broken in and is extremely quiet, non reactive and willing. He is not phased by machinery, animals, kids, dogs, power tools etc. He self loads in the truck and stands like a rock. He has collected several times and is well behaved, in just a halter. If he was a gelding, he would nearly be beginner safe!
Echo has attended training days, outings and trail rides, where he is always beautifully behaved.

In Mar 2022, Echo attended DJWTS and performed in the 3yo Led Class, where he came away with 3rd place and was impeccable to handle.

As a 4yo in 2023, he is developing some lateral movements (le
g yield, shoulder in and travers), works in a frame and is in regular strength and conditioning work. He is ridden 1-2 times a week and is worked in hand (poles) 3-4 days a week. He will be developed very slowly and likely won't make his competition debut until he is 6+ years of age.

There would be very few colts in Australia not only out of two CDI parents, quiet and honest to handle, non reactive, but also destined for greatness in the Dressage arena. He's one of a kind and very special. He is the one and only heir of the incredible Sheer Etiquette (DEC) and has big shoes to fill

Patchwork Royal Etiquette will not available for public service until further notice.
He has been retained by stud and is not available for purchase.




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