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2014 / Black / Gelding / 15.2h

Sire: Outlaw    Dam:  India
Highest Level: PRE
Rider: Susan Paix
Registration:  EA
Status: ACTIVE



Funny story about this horse. I actually had him come through my doors in 2020 to sell on consignment for a client I'd been teaching for years. He held a special spot in my heart so I tried my hardest to persuade Mum to buy him; noting his amazing trot and other fantastic qualities. I had ridden and worked with him a few times and knew he was fairly quiet and honest; ideal to help her regain confidence in the saddle following a catastrophic stack which had left her with 11 broken ribs. While the bones had healed, she wasn't ready to love and trust another horse again... So off he went to an ambitious eventer locally, after 20 inquiries about him.

Fast forward 12 months, he was offered to me again to resell on consignment; his owner, despite loving him dearly discovered he was "Too Wussy" to be an eventer, and wasn't going to climb the grades like she'd hoped.

Finnegan arrived back at my stable and I "begged" Mum to "Just have one ride".

She rolled her eyes,

"I'm not looking for another horse"

"I'm too old for a young horse"

*Insert various excuses here*.

After much persuasion, the foot was in the stirrup ...and the rest is history.

Finnegan is by Outlaw, a VIC stallion who was Clydesdale  x TB, and classified as a Waler. Not a lot of information about him has been found, however apparently several of Finnegan's siblings were sold overseas as top jumping horses.

Finnegan is out of a mare called India, an Irish Sport Horse  who was by top TB stallion Zephyr Khan. She had several foals that were successful as all-rounders and jumping horses.

You'd think given his pedigree and family, Finnegan would have been destined to jump, but he had other ideas.


Finnegan attended his first Official EA PRELIM competition at Werribee Park in DEC 2021. He cracked his first 70% score, one judge had him on 73%, even with an error of course, (and a caller!) 2nd place in a field of 30.

He is having his first go at NOV Level later this month with Susan on board.

Finnegan is now training most ELEM movements, beginning to show a loose shoulder in his extended trots, and has even started piaffe in hand.

He knickers at her constantly and watches her everywhere she goes, even when he has food. At competitions it is really easy to know if she is nearby as the "Mum Detector" starts chatting away.

He wasn't what she expected when she dreamed of aiming for Grand Prix again, but it feels like destiny.

Finnegan has been retained by stud and is not available for purchase




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